Flexclip – Free AI supported video suite – Review 2023

1. Introduction

Flexclip Intro

The AI era is changing video software solutions and adding new functionalities. To keep up with these developments, we look at software solutions in detail on this blog. From features to use cases to pricing model, we take a close look at the software and look under the hood. The goal is to give the reader a good overview of the presented software solution.

This article is a review about the Flexclip software. Flexclip has grown rapidly in recent times and is becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, we will get to the bottom of it and see what’s behind it.

Flexclip describes itself on its homepage as “FlexClip is a simple but powerful video maker and editor for everyone. We help users easily create compelling video content for personal or business use, without a learning curve.”

2. Features

The Flexclip software can be divided into four functional areas.

Flexclip Features
  1. Video Editor

  2. Movie Maker

  3. Slideshow Maker

  4. Screen Recorder

Video Editor

Flexclip offers its users a free online video editor, which includes all the necessary functions for editing videos.

Flexclip Editor

To create the videos, the software offers more than 5,000 templates, 4,000,000+ royalty-free media resources and supported popular various platforms and their video formats, such as Instagram, TikTok, Youtubre and more.

Flexclip stock assets

It doesn’t require any professional knowledge to use it. It includes all the online video editing tools you need and makes video editing pretty easy for anyone.

Flexclip Video edit

Edit Videos operation is divided into process steps that are helpful to navigate the user through video editing.

Movie Maker

Online MovieMaker allows you to create a video clip, movies and short films.

Flexclip Movie Maker

The user can choose from many templates and stock videos, such as movie trailers and movie intros, and then based on them create videos.

For creating and editing the video, there are many functions available in MovieMaker to create a professional video for different applications.

Flexclip Features 2

The process of video creation is simple and easy. The software guides one through the necessary steps and helps with numerous supports. After a short training, anyone can create videos with this software.

Flexclip how to make a Movie

Slideshow Maker

SlideShow Maker allows you to create slideshows with text, music and other effects. The focus of Slideshow Maker is on creating slideshows with photos.

Flexclip Slide Show maker

Numerous professional templates, many transitions and a wide Selection of Text Styles and Animations offer many possibilities to create an individual and appealing slideshow for different purposes. Background music and music effects from the library or your own audio can be added. With the available audio editing tools, the music can be easily matched to the slideshow.

Flexclip Customizing

As in the other application areas of the software, the user is guided through the creation process of Slideshow Maker by a simple menu navigation based on several process steps. Even novices can create a slideshow in a short time.

Flexclip how to make a slideshow

Screen Recorder

Flexclip Screen Recorder

The fourth section of the software is the screen recorder. FlexClip is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor that lets you edit your recordings as you like. Screen, webcam and voice can be recorded with one click.

Subtitles, annotations, highlights and overlays can be easily added to enhance the video content.

Flexclip Multiple record options

The process-controlled handling guides the user easily and quickly through the operation of the software.

Flexclip how to record

In summary, Flexclip offers a wide range of functionality in the field of video creation and editing with its four application areas. Based on many templates, enriched with many additional functionalities allow the use of Flexclip software for many use cases.

3. Use Cases

In the following, the possible use cases and areas of application of the FlexClip software are presented.

Flexclip use cases

Business Videos

In the business area, the software offers a wide range of video formats. Promo videos, marketing video or corporate themes can be created quickly and easily based on corresponding templates.

Flexclip Business Videos

Based on the selection of the appropriate template, the creation of the video is easy.

Flexclip Video Templates

The software can then be used to make the desired adjustments to the video template. Inserting photo, audio or video files or text/subtitles as well as cropping and trimming the video are easily possible. The Software offers a good overview and an understandable menu navigation.

Flexclip Video Creation

Personal Videos

Similar to the business area, a video can be easily created for the personal area with the help of the appropriate template. Numerous templates for different occasions again provide the basis for the video.

Birthday, wedding, anniversaries, birth, travel, memories or vlog for all occasions there are numerous templates to choose from.

Flexclip Personal Videos

The same logic is used for the operation as in the business area and the videos can be supplemented with media files, animations and edited accordingly.

Flexclip Photo adding

Social Media Video clips

In the field of social media videos, videos can be created for numerous social media platforms. All popular video platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are supported. There are numerous templates for all Social Media video clips.

Video Templates Social Media

The creation and editing of the video for the social media area is done with the same user interface as for the business and personal areas.

Flexclip Audio Adding

5. Pricing

As with almost all software-as-a-service solutions, pricing is per user on a monthly or annual basis.

There is a free starter package. The free starter package includes some essential features. The free starter package offers the possibility to get to know the software and to gain first experience with it. It is nice that the starter package offers enough functions to really get to know the software. With other competing products, the entry packages often contain only very few functions.

Flexclip Pricing Monthly

The Plus package includes all the features of the software solution, but is still limited in the number of video productions and data volumes. For an occasional user who creates no more than 5 videos per month, the package is perfectly adequate.

For the power user, Flexclip then offers the Business user package, which is much more comprehensive in terms of the number of videos and data volumes.

There is a monthly subscription model for the Plus package for $19.99 and for $29.99 for the Business package.

Flexclip Pricing Anually

With an annual subscription model, money can be saved, with prices dropping $10 per month for Plus and Business packages, resulting in a savings of $120 over the year compared to a monthly subscription.

Compared to competing products, Flexclip offers a very powerful and flexible pricing model with the wealth of functionality of the software. The no-cost entry package is a big plus.

6. Pros and Cons


  • Software Suite with Video Editor and Video Maker
  • Wide range of functionality; Plenty of online video tools
  • Many templates for different use cases
  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive design
  • Good customization
  • Free starter solution available
  • 4,000,000+ royalty-free media resources
  • User menu in 8 different languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese


  • Some special AI video features are not available, like avatars
  • Transcriptions are not supported
  • Limited functions in audio editing, have to rely on one audio bit at maximum
  • No AI-support for Video creation

7. Conclusion

Overall, the Flexclip offers a comprehensive software suite with many features. For many common use cases, the software offers a very good package. All important functions for creating videos and editing videos are available.

Flexclip’s simple and intuitive handling is particularly appealing. After a short training period, the software can be easily mastered even by beginners and beautiful and professional videos can be created. The only point that Flexclip should improve promptly is the point that you rely on a single music sound bit for your entire video. This can be done better.

Specialized AI video creation software already offers more AI functionality in some areas. However, these solutions lack some features that are already available in Flexclip. In addition, these solutions are often significantly more expensive and offer less functionality in total.

Flexclip offers a powerful and affordable solution in terms of price-performance ratio. For many users, Flexclip is therefore the ideal entry-level package. A lot of functionality, ease of use and an affordable pricing model are the biggest advantages of Flexclip video software. Even for advanced users, the software offers a very good range of functions and most use cases can be handled quickly and easily with the software. Only for professionals with special use cases or with an even higher need for AI support are other video solutions necessary, but these usually have a significantly higher price.

Flexclip now has more than 10 million users worldwide and has grown significantly. If Flexclip continues to offer a comprehensive and powerful video suite in the future, the software will continue to gain market share.


What is Flexclip?

Flexclip is a comprehensive Video software suite for creating and editing videos.

Is Flexclip an AI software?

Flexclip uses AI in some areas. However, Flexclip is not AI software for creating videos by AI.

For which use cases is Flexclip interesting?

Flexclip can be used for many business and personal use cases. Numerous templates are available for this purpose.


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