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5+ Best NFT Marketplaces For Beginners

NFTs have garnered quite the buzz over the last few years. From people making millions of dollars from digital images of monkeys all the way to rocks. 

Yes, people have really made millions off of digital images of rocks. With the rise of Ai design software, people are able to create hundreds of variations of pictures, or individually make each one for a more personalized project. 

But what is the buzz about and where can you buy NFTs?

There are a few reputable places where you can buy, sell, hold, and browse various NFTs on your mobile app or desktop. And is important to only use a platform that is credible, and has a good track record.

There are many things that come into play when looking for the best NFT marketplaces to buy NFTs. These can range from the blockchain you wish to acquire the NFTs through, fees, and ultimately a good user experience.

So, let’s dive into the best NFT marketplaces so you can get started buying and selling today!

What Are The Best NFT Marketplaces?

Below is a curated list of the best NFT marketplaces with high credibility.


Opensea NFT Marketplace
Screenshot Opensea NFT Marketplace


Opensea, likely dubbed the best NFT marketplace was one of the first on the scene and takes a large majority share of the volume of NFTs bought and sold. With simple integrations with household crypto wallets and exchanges, you can easily deposit crypto and withdrawal profit to your wallet on the popular NFT marketplace.

One of the reasons that OpenSea rose to be one of the top NFT marketplaces was the fact that they had a simple UI dashboard that was easy for NFT collectors to operate.

This “megastore” of NFTs also offers projects from various blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, BNB Chain, and more. 

Unlike most NFT marketplaces that are only specific to one blockchain, and the NFTs that reside on that chain, OpenSea was able to close that gap and earn a market share from most largely used blockchains.

Opensea NFT Marketplace Details
Screenshot Opensea NFT Marketplace

What I Like/Don’t Like:


  • OpenSea supports many different blockchain NFTs and allows you to store than on a central hub to showcase to others.

Don’t Like: 

  • Opensea has had some security and framework issues in the past.

Binance NFT marketplace

Binance NFT Marketplace
Screenshot Binance NFT Marketplace


Binance is the world’s largest Crypto-Exchange and has its own NFT marketplace. Binance NFT marketplace is a great platform to use if you are looking for a simple buying process. 

This marketplace makes it easy for those who are unfamiliar with third-party wallets to buy and sell as the platform is directly linked to your Binance account (where you can buy crypto)

With low fees, credible projects, and artwork, you are able to buy, hold, and sell NFTs all in one place.

Binance NFT Marketplace Selection
Screenshot Binance NFT Marketplace

 What I Like/Don’t Like:


  • Binance is not only the largest crypto exchange in the world, but they are one of the most reputable in the space offering some of the best security on its NFT marketplace.

Don’t Like: 

  • Binance is not accessible to U.S Customers.

Coinbase NFT marketplace

Coinbase NFT Marketplace
Screenshot Coinbase NFT Marketplace


Coinbase NFT marketplace is an easy-to-use, reputable brand that prioritizes user experience and usability. 

While the Coinbase platform is relatively new in this space, it is one of the longest-standing crypto exchanges (Coinbase) on the market, giving the platform a reputable boost right out of the gate.

This platform also offers an “initial introductory fee-free period” for new users who sign up which can be very helpful when first starting out.

Collection world of women
Screenshot Coinbase NFT Marketplace

What I Like/Don’t Like:


  • Extremely reputable brand in the crypto space, and has proven with their crypto platforms to build easy-to-use interfaces.

  • In the crypto/NFT space, being able to have a 

Don’t Like: 

  • Only supports the Ethereum network currently and is still in an “infancy” stage in comparison to other more robust platforms. 

Magic Eden

Magic Eden NFT Marketplace
Screenshot Magic Eden NFT Marketplace


Magic Eden is one of the largest NFT marketplaces specifically for the SOL or “Solana” blockchain network. While it doesn’t cater to the larger scope of NFT networks, its “sole” function is to make the NFT process as perfect as it possibly can for SOL NFTs. 

Magic Eden came into the limelight over the last year as the Solana blockchain technology was becoming increasingly popular, and provided a fraction of the price for GAS fees compared to Ethereum.

Even throughout the NFT down period, Magic Eden has remained one of the best NFT platforms to buy and sell digital assets and Solana-based NFTs. 

Solana Magic Eden NFT Marketplace
Screenshot Magic Eden NFT Marketplace

What I Like/Don’t Like:


  • For the Solana network, Magic Eden has proved to be extremely easy to use and has extremely low fees compared to a platform that supports Ethereum NFTs.

Don’t Like: 

  • This platform might not able to those who want to buy and sell only ETH blockchain NFTs (which is the largest NFT network currently).


Rarible NFT Marketplace
Screenshot Rarible NFT Marketplace


Rarible is another multifunctional NFT platform that supports a variety of different NFT blockchains. 

One of the most intriguing facts about this platform is that it allows users to purchase and or acquire the platform’s native token “RARI” used to allow the community to participate in the overall decision-making topics around the NFT marketplace. 

Rarible NFT marketplace also allows you to connect multiple wallets. Whether you want to transfer your funds to and from Coinbase, Binance, or MetaMask so you can begin buying or selling NFTs. 

Rarible NFT Marketplace Smurf Collection
Screenshot Rarible NFT Marketplace

What I Like/Don’t Like:


  • Rarible has a huge emphasis on growing not only their community, but the NFT community as a whole, and has excellent customer service.

Don’t Like: 

  • It’s interesting that they allow users to buy NFTs with credit cards, but I don’t think this is a smart option to offer on their platform. 

What is an NFT Marketplace?

In short, NFT marketplace is simply a marketplace for buying, selling, displaying, and even minting NFTs. 

You are able to browse various projects, display your favorite NFTs, and even look at transaction history for various NFTs.

Think about a marketplace where you can buy and sell food. The NFTs would be the actual food that is being sold, and the marketplace is the central hub for making these exchanges. 

What Makes an NFT Project Valuable? 

When searching through various NFT marketplaces you are sure to see hundreds if not thousands of different artwork, projects, roadmaps, and NFT usability.

But there are a few key factors to keep an eye on when looking for a potentially profitable NFT. 

  • If the founders or creators use real identities rather than anonymous people.

  • When the creators or founders are heavily invested in content marketing tools and strategies.

  • If the founders are reputable in the NFT/crypto space.

  • If there is a good roadmap with action steps for the project to achieve those milestones.

  • Type of art.

  • Large and engaged community on social media or Discord.


To wrap things up, there are plenty of NFT marketplaces on the market to choose from, but it’s important to do your research and go with a credible company. 

NFT marketplaces allow everyday people to get their feet wet in the crypto/NFT space in a fun, creative, and potentially profitable way.

The popular NFT marketplaces listed in this article are ones that have not only built up there digital brand but have proven real value to customers looking to get into this space.

Over time, it will become more prevalent the real value that NFTs possess other than just digital art. There are real technology and use cases within this space, and NFT platforms give us access to take part in innovative technology.


What is an NFT?

What is an NFT you might ask? Have you ever collected stickers or trading cards before? Well, an NFT is kind of like a digital version of that.

To put it plainly, an NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. “Non-fungible” just means something that can’t be easily exchanged for something else.

And a “token” is just a digital way of keeping track of ownership.

So when you own an NFT, it means you own a unique digital thing, like a picture or a video, or even a tweet! And just like how a rare coin or card can be really valuable to collectors, some people are willing to pay a lot of money for certain NFTs.

It’s kind of like owning a piece of art or a collectible item but in the digital world

Are NFTs risky investments?

While the word risky may be subjective, If you were to ask a financial advisor they would most likely say yes. 

The NFT market is one that is not only high-risk and high-return, but it is still in the infancy stage in terms of being a credible investment.

While NFTs would technically be considered risky in terms of investment, many people buy NFTs as a collectible item as you are the sole owner of that art with blockchain authenticity. 

What is the easiest way to buy NFTs?

The easiest and fastest way to buy NFTs is through the NFT marketplace of a crypto exchange. After opening an account, which often takes only a few minutes, NFTs can be purchased. Large crypto exchanges with NFTs marketplaces are Binance or

Is there any other top NFT marketplace?

Other NFT marketplaces to buy digital assets include Nifty Gateway, Blur or Kalao. There are numerous community owned NFT projects with associated marketplaces.

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