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Software is the fastest growing area in which artificial intelligence is used. In the meantime, there are already thousands of software programs that work with the help of artificial intelligence.

The areas of AI Apps are increasing more and more. Many people have already come into contact with artificial intelligence software through Siri and Alexa. But now there is almost no area where the capabilities of AI Apps are not used in software.

This raises the legitimate question, “How do I find the right AI Apps quickly and easily”?

For this, there is a site that simplifies this extremely, which I would like to introduce in this blog post.

Overview – AI Apps

The website “There-is-an-AI-for-That” offers excellent possibilities to find the right AI Apps.

Click here to visit the website:

This website “collects” all AI Apps for all possible tasks. So there are almost 2,000 programs which use artificial intelligence software for over 500 tasks.

Find the right software

So how do I find the right AI Apps with the help of this website?

The search is done by entering a keyword. Here we take the example of “music” and enter it into the search bar. The entry can be made in different languages.

There´s an AI for that Overview
Screenshot from There´s an AI for that

The search shows as results several AI Apps and the task area for which this software is relevant, such as “Music Creation” or “Music Recommendations”.

The next step is to click on the “Music Creation” task area. As a result, you get all artificial intelligence software applications for this area.

There´s an AI for that Search Mask
Screenshot from There´s an AI for that

Clicking on the name of the software, e.g. “CassetteAI”, “AIbstract” or “Supertone”, it brings up a description of the software. This is helpful to decide what the software can be used for.

There´s an AI for that Music
Screenshot from There´s an AI for that

This gives you an easy and quick way to look through different software applications and find the software that suits you.

History of AI Apps

It can also be interesting to look at when which software was launched on the market. For this purpose, offers a history in the form of years and months on the right.

There´s an AI for that History
Screenshot from There´s an AI for that

Clicking on a year/month will show which software was released during that time period.

There´s an AI for that - November 2022
Screenshot from There´s an AI for that

Here I have chosen “November 2022” as an example. In this month, the software ChatGPT was released, which has extremely strengthened the awareness of artificial intelligence software.

Overall, the history view is quite interesting, where you can see which software has been on the market for how long. Whether it therefore offers better functionality is not necessarily said. But the foray through the still short “history” of artificial intelligence in the software sector is exciting.

Comparison of AI Apps

Comparing software solutions to find the best software for a particular use case is not yet possible via the website. However, the site has only been live for a few weeks, so it is possible that the functionality will come in the future.

However, there are numerous comparisons on other websites. Also in this blog I have already analyzed and evaluated in detail some software applications that use AI. The following comparisons (in German language) have been made so far:

AI Community

The site also provides access to a community around AI apps. In this community, there are entries on all relevant topics. It is divided into the categories “AI Builders” and “AI Users”.

There´s an AI for that Community
Screenshot from There´s an AI for that

In the “AI Builders” category there can be found topics like e.g. “Marketing advice for launching AI Apps” or “Advice for Getting Started Building AI Apps”.

In the “AI Users” category, topics such as “Cool new AI tools” or “Making money with AI” are discussed. There are many very valuable and interesting tips and valuable inputs.

There´s an AI for that - AI Users
Screenshot from There´s an AI for that

The community page is a very good start to get valuable insights about AI Apps and everything related to it, and to network with like-minded people.


The website offers an excellent opportunity to get an overview of different artificial intelligence software applications and to see in which application area there are which possibilities.

A special charm of the website ThereIsAnAiForThat is that the page is continuously updated. This makes it very easy to see which software is in which

On this blog, I have also created an overview of more than 500 AI Apps. In this overview, the AI apps are listed according to the respective subject area with a short description.

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