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About Martin (English)

My name is Martin Bernecker, born in 1973. I work as an entrepreneur, coach and blogger.


Growing up in a performance-oriented home, I enlisted as an officer in the German Armed Forces for 12 years after graduating from high school and thus began my professional path. During this time, I graduated with a degree in business administration and was able to gain extensive leadership experience at a young age.

After my time in the German Armed Forces, I worked in management positions in two leading technology companies, SAP and Accenture, for 8 years before I started my own business as an entrepreneur in 2012. Since then, I have been working as a managing partner of a management consultancy with 25 employees, advising large companies on IT and software projects. So much for the resume. But who is the person behind this resume?

Even as a young boy, technology fascinated and excited me, and I could occupy myself for hours and days with technology construction kits, my electric model railroad (Märklin H0) or technology of all kinds. At the end of the 80’s I was more and more fascinated by the possibilities of the PC which became popular and I spent many hours in front of the PC.

The enthusiasm for technology turned more and more into enthusiasm for software and the many possibilities it offers. That’s why I wanted to work for a software company at some point. And in 2005 I got the opportunity to start at SAP. From then on, technology and especially software had a strong influence on my professional life.

Through various professional stations, I have become intensively involved with software and its possible applications in the professional environment. To this day, my enthusiasm for software and its possible applications remains unbroken.
The two software megatrends AI and Blockchain are my new areas where I can see the next evolutionary stage of software. AI as well as Blockchain each on their own are gamechangers! And when two gamechangers occur at once, the magnitude of change is all the greater. These two megatrends will change all of our lives to an unprecedented extent. The change factor will be exponential.

Therefore, I have set myself the goal with this blog to bring interested people closer to the changes and opportunities that are triggered by AI and Blockchain. With a solid understanding and background knowledge, it is much easier to adapt to the coming changes and take advantage of the opportunities.

Privately I live near Wangen im Allgäu (Germany) in the countryside. As a family father of 4 children I am happy to spend time with my family and enjoy nature.
As a hobby I like to go trekking in the mountains in the summer. I also like to travel and see other countries and cities. One of my favorite destinations is Canada with its vastness and wonderful nature.

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